Allison N. Peryea

Allison N. Peryea

Attorney Shareholder
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My practice focuses on resolving covenant enforcement disputes and providing general counsel services to clients. I also provide litigation services for clients, in the covenant enforcement and assessment collections context.

Significant Achievements

Waterfront Association v. Owner, King County Superior Court (2011-2013)

Represented a condominium association client through trial in a dispute with a unit owner who twice caused damage to the building by leaving water on in the unit. That owner was ordered by the judge to pay all repair costs in excess of insurance proceeds, all overdue assessments, and to pay all of the Association’s attorneys’ fees and costs. The judgment amount exceeded $80,000. The association was also provided with an order enjoining the unit owner, who had a history of improper behavior, from engaging in any abusive or harassing communications or contact with management and the board, communicating except in writing with management and the board (barring emergency), and returning to the premises without specific invitation after they vacated. The association also obtained a decree of foreclosure, but the owner chose to list and sell the unit within 60 days. The association received payment of its judgment through the sale.

Seattle Downtown Condominium v. Owner, King County Superior Court (2009-2010)

Represented a condominium association where Owner stopped paying assessments and took other retaliatory action including commencing and withdrawing multiple small claims court actions. Owner claimed that Association was not properly managing loading-dock noise. On the eve of trial the association and the owner agreed to resolve all issues in a private arbitration. Arbitrator determined that Association had breached no duties with respect to loading dock, and awarded Association all of its attorneys’ fees and costs, for a total award of about $45,000. The arbitrator specifically found that

in every respect, the [Association], and its agents, conducted themselves in accordance with the Declaration. Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. As significantly, I find that the Association’s conduct was, in all respects, reasonable and appropriate. As significantly, I find that the Association’s handling of these matters and response to [Owner] was measured and restrained. I find the Association’s witnesses to have been credible and restrained in their testimony. In stark contrast, I find [Owner’s] conduct to have been inappropriate. insulting, aggressive, obstructionist and in every respect. adversarial. To be blunt, [Owner’s] threatening behavior bordered on outrageous.

Owner paid full amount through an agreed-upon payment plan.

South King County Association v. LLC, King County Superior Court (2012-2013)

Prevailed on summary judgment against owner who stopped paying assessments in response to his claim, which was also dismissed on summary judgment, that the Association was mishandling funds. Received order awarding about $32,000, including all attorneys’ fees and costs, on summary judgment. Matter involved complex issues regarding ownership of unit by a business entity. During pendency of matter, our firm was collecting rent on unit through a receivership order. Owner paid all amounts owed prior to entry of judgment.


Practiced for three years at a boutique law firm in downtown Seattle practicing commercial, consumer protection and real estate litigation. Have worked at Leahy Fjelstad Peryea since 2010. Became a shareholder in 2015.

Volunteer Activities

  • Chair, WSBA Editorial Advisory Committee, 2013-Present
  • Chair,  WSCAI Communications Committee 2013-Present;
  • Member, WSBA Editorial Advisory Committee, 2012-Present
  • Member, WSBA Judicial Recommendation Committee, 2013-Present
  • Editor, Litigation News, WSBA Litigation Section Newsletter (2012-13)
  • Editor in Chief, De Novo, 2010-11
  • Associate Editor, De Novo, 2009-10;
  • Chair and Chair Elect, Washington Young Lawyer’s Committee (formerly Division) Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC), 2009-11;
  • WSBA Publications Contributing Writer (Bar News, NWLawyer, De Novo, NWSidebar Blog), 2009-Present
  • WYLC Liaison to WSBA Litigation Section, 2012-13
  • WYLD/WYLC Editorial Advisory Member, 2009-13;
  • WYLD/WYLC Editorial Advisory Committee Liaison to WSBA EAC, 2012-Present
  • WSCAI Communications Committee Member, 2010-Present;
  • WSCAI Journal – Chapter Magazine Contributing Writer, 2010-Present


  • Eagle Member, WSAJ (formerly WSTLA), 2009-10;
  • WSCAI Member, 2010-Present

Admitted to

  • Washington State
  • U.S. District Court of Western WA
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Western WA


  • Graduate of Wenatchee HS, 2000
  • Graduated magna cum laude from University in Washington (dual major: Editorial Journalism and Political Science), 2004
  • University of Washington School of Law, 2007


  • Grew up in Wenatchee, WA
  • 14-year resident of Seattle
  • Live in Eastlake neighborhood
  • Seattle Co-Rec Outdoor Soccer Team Member, 2010-Present.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities: hiking, rafting, backpacking, snowshoeing, kayaking, etc.
  • Favorite food: Breakfast cereal.
  • Favorite movie: The Jerk.
  • Favorite vacation spots in Washington: Orcas Island/Lake Chelan
  • Enjoy weekend road trips, acrylic painting, and Crossfit.


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 WSBA Litigation News

The Right to Attorneys’ Fees: A Lawyer’s Best Frenemy? (Spring 2013)


 A Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Health and Fitness in 2012 Parts I and II (January 2014)


“Finding Solutions Through Resolutions,” Manager’s Only Meeting, WSCAI, March 22, 2012


  1. De Novo won a first place American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division (ABA YLD) Award of Achievement in the Newsletter category when I served as editor-in-chief.
  2. WSBA Certificate in 2008 for 40-plus hours of pro bono service.

Why I practice law

I am motivated by finding cost-effective resolutions for clients to help protect and preserve their communities.